Radio button labels are not affected by changes in font, font-size and -color.

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Hi Ulrich, did you mean the RadioButtonGroup? It seems working fine for single radio button.

Thanks for reporting the bug, we will release V3.1 SP1 in one or two days, with some bugs fixed.

  1. I think you forgot this bug... It is still present in 3.20 SP2 :(
  2. We didn't :-)
    This bug has been fixed in 3.10 SP1. I just check it on my PC and it works fine. Could you double check it?

Yes, I meant the RadioButtonGroup.

Sounds great with a quick fix!


I have set the plot font to Verdana and changed the font color.

In Editor is everything OK:

In simulation is does not use the right font:


Hi Ulrich, I just checked it and it seems to be a different bug.

The previous bug was that changing the font and color on Radio Button Group itself does not take effect. This was fixed in V3.10 SP1 (Bug_0405).

Now the Radio Button Group can use different font or color, but it seems to ignore the plot’s default font. It should be a different bug, we will fix it in next delivery.

Thanks for reporting the bug.


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