When Using the Slide Show functionality, the Navigation cant be seen.

Im using 2 Screens. 1 ist a Standard 17inch LCD and the other one is a 16:9 LCD Screen.

1. one has 1280x 1024 pixel

and the

2. one has 1920×1080 pixel

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As you can see down on the Screen, the Buttons are shown but “under” the Screen


Hi Thorsten, which LCD is your primary display?

From the image, I guess your primary display is 1920×1080, and the slide show is displaying on the secondary display (1280x 1024), is that right?


For Information. My main display is the 21″ with 1920x 1080 and the picture is shown on this display


We can not reproduce this issue yet. If anybody has more info about this issue, please reply in this thread, thanks.


(Windows7 x64)

I can confirm that if I run ForeUI on screen A (1280×1024) it does not display properly, the buttons can’t be seen at the bottom of A, and the slideshow actually overlaps onto the other screen B (1920×1200) by what I guess is 1920-1280 = 640 pixels. I can see the Close button at the bottom of screen B though.

Seems ForeUI is getting the dimensions for the wrong ‘active’ screen and making the simulation too big for the screen it is displayed on.

  1. Running Slideshow when ForeUI is on screen B works as expected.

Thanks Tim, we can reproduce the issue as you described.

This issue can happen when the primary display is smaller than the secondary display, so I ask Thorsten if his primary display is smaller. But he said his primary display is 1920×1080 and secondary display is 1280×1024… That’s odd.

Edit: Please forget what I said, actually this problem should happen when the primary display is bigger than the secondary display, and the slide show window is in the SMALLER one. So I ask Thorsten if his primary display is bigger, he said yes, but he also said the slide show is running in the BIGGER display, that’s the difference.


mhhh…. perhaps its a different, where the Displays are shown. My primary display is on the right side and the secondary on the other…. But i’ll have a closer look, when getting back to work.


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