Since one of the last updates, a lot of text boxes in my wireframes have unwanted breaks (marked with green boxes in the picture attached/below).

The text in this boxes fitted in one line, but since the update there is now a break. Looks like the field width has been reduced or the text width has been increased by the update.

That really sucks, because now I have to adjust all he affected fields in roughly 70 wireframe pages to go on with my work.

I appreciate the fast development of ForeUI, but I think you guys do release new versions too fast. There are too many versions which have new features, but also create new bugs in existing features. This is really annoying, especially when it creates additional work to fix this problems manually.

My urgent request to you is to please slow down the release cycles and to do more and deeper testing before releasing new versions.

If it will go on like the last months, it will become too frustrating for me and I will switch to another tool – sorry.

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I guess I’ve got the source of the problem:
Since one of the last updates, ForeUI is not longer using the font I have selected as the default font in “Settings”.
Please fix it…

  1. If you set the default font to "<Same as Global Settings>" in the plot configuration, it will work as it did. But it is better to set a specific font.

Hi Ulrich,

I think I know how this happen. Actually your text boxes are not resized, they auto wrapped just because the default font is changed. We changed the default font from “Dialog” to “Arial” in recent update, which cause the problem. You can change the plot default font back in the plot configure window (shown as figure), but I wish you could read on to see why we make this “bad” change.

From V2.00, the plot file doesn’t store its default font, so its default font is decided by the ForeUI’s tool settings (Menu “Advanced->Settings”, “Plot” tab), the default value is “Dialog”. “Dialog ” is a logical font instead of real font, the operating system will pick its preferred font to use as “Dialog” font. That means we have no way to guarantee the same plot will have the same look in different machines, since the “Dialog” font may vary in different machines. What’s more, the “Dialog” font is not rendered in the same way in editing and (HTML) simulation, we planed to change this font for long time.

So in V2.47, we introduced the “default font” option for plot, thus the default font information can be stored into the plot file. If user set a real default font in the plot configuration, the plot will have the same look in any machine. However most users ignore this options, so the default value of this option will take effect and the default font will still be “Dialog” in most cases.

In V2.60, we changed the default value of the “default font” option to “Arial”. Thus all plot that without explicitly defining the default font will use “Arial” as default font.

So now if you want to change the default font back, you can do so by setting the default font to “Dialog”. But I would recommend to choose a real font instead of “Dialog”, otherwise your plot may look different in other machines, even in the same machine, the HTML simulation may look quite different.


BTW, bug fixings always have the highest priority in our development process. Usually a reported bug will be fixed in just next version. Sometimes, if the bug is serious, we would even release minor version immediately to fix it.

Actually no software can be fully tested, and no software are bug free. Testing more does not always find out more bugs. As a software vendor, we try our best to get rid of the bug once we confirm it, and we hope our customers will be satisfied with that.


I have experienced the same problem as Ulrich Waibel describes, and now I think I understand the problem.

Under Settings > Plot > “Plot settings” I’ve have set “Specify default font” to Verdana.

However, when I create a new plot and click on the Plot settings button in the lower, right corner of ForeUI, I can see, that the default font is “Arial”!

Howcome it is not Verdana, which I chose in the “global” Settings dialog? I would expect a plot to inherete the settings from the “global” Settings.

This must be a bug.


Hi Ulrich Böttger,

If the default font in global settings is specified, but newly created plot ignore it, it is a bug.

We will release a patch version to fix this bug:
Bug_0267: Default font of newly created plot is set to “Arial”, even the default font in global settings is specified.

We will fix it in this way:

* If the default font in global settings is specified, newly created plot will use the global settings by default. User can still change the plot’s default setting in plot’s configuration later.

* If the default font in global settings is not set, newly created plot will use “Arial” as the default font. User can still change the plot’s default setting in plot’s configuration. If the “<Same as Global Settings>” is specified and the default font in global settings is not set, the “Dialog” font will be used (which will behave like the versions lower than V2.60).


V2.601 is just online and it fixes Bug_0267


Thanks for the quick bugfix. The problem disappeared with the latest version of today.


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