I have 3 empty image files in my image dock (not sure how they got there). The problem is that I can’t seem to delete the empty images; when in the image dock I click on the ‘remove image’ icon it does not delete the empty images. This is annoying because every time I save I get a message for all three images that the image file cannot be found.

When I try to delete an actual image from the image dock it works fine.

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Hi Maaike,

It seems that the image files are removed externally before being saved into the plot file. We will handle this case in future version. Meanwhile you can fix this manually with this steps:

1. Open the workspace directory, clear this direcotry (optional).
The default workspace directory is at <UserDir>/.foreui/workspace, where the <UserDir>is your user account directory. For Windows XP, it is C:Documents and Settings<uname>.foreuiworkspace

2. Launch ForeUI, load your plot file. You will see a new directory (with long name) is created in the workspace.

3. Go to the “resource” sub-folder under the newly created directory. Place 3 missing image files into this folder, just need to match the file names, they doesn’t have to be real image files.

4. Now remove the three empty image from image dock.


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