I’m having a problem with selecting multiple elements when dealing with child items. For example, I dropped a tab pane within a window, then dropped another tab pane within one of my tabs. Now however it seems that no matter what key combination I use I cannot select more than one button within the inner tab pane. I end up having to remove the objects from the parent container to be able to select more than one… This is obviously a pain to deal with. I would think I would be able to hold shift or something similar and just select as many items as I’d want, like you would want to do if you were going to copy a number of items.

Any workaround for this? It ends up taking a lot of extra time.

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Hi Matt, currently only one embedded element can be selected at a time. We know it is not convinient, we just need more time to improve this. Thanks for the comprehension.


In the meantime, you can consider placing your content on different pages and placing the tab element on a master page. Then add some behavior to the tab element making it change page when changing tabs.


That is a possible solution. Unfortunately I have a very large plot file and it’s not convenient to change the entire working of the plot at this point. The plot is viewed by dozens of people and is changed frequently so I don’t want to screw with anything. Hopefully it gets fixed soon. The only thing holding foreUI back is the amount of bugs and odd ways it deals with things.


Hi Matt,

If you just hope to delete all elements within a tab, that’s a shortcut: all embedded elements in a tab were automatically grouped. So you can just select the entire group (via the “Path” link or the “Select Element…” tool) and then delete it.


No I didn’t want ot delete them, I need to add elements to it and stick it back in the container. The way it is now your elements must be perfect with no need to change them if you stick them within another container.


If you want to add more elements into the container, just do so directly. The container can accept more elements even it already have some. You can hold the right mouse button and drag more elements into the container. The figure below shows how:


I don’t think the problem is clear. I need to modify elements that are children of children. There is no mechanism for this. Instead I have to take out multiple elements and then add them back in. This makes modifying anything with children extremely time consuming.

  1. I got your point, I just think you can make it easier. Is there specific reason to create complex hierarchy? Why not just place elements within the top container together? The Z value can control their overlapping order as well.

I can do that in the future for sure. It just wasn’t clear that I needed to group them all instead of throw them in as a child. I do need a complex hierarchy of sorts because I need to demonstrate a tab pane within a tab pane


Yeah, this is silly that I still cannot select multiple child elements. Right now I’ve got a bunch of copies of a group. And I want to change the font on text labels in all of them. But since I cannot select more than one item at a time, I have to edit them all individually.


The multiple selection for embedded elements will be supported in V3.0


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