I am not able to add an image to a scrollable container. I try to drag it using my right mouse button etc. but it doesn’t “take”.

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Maybe your scrollable container already has an embedded element inside… If it is the case, you will have to extract that embedded element and group it with the image, then embed again…

We know it is not handy. We will release V2.40 on next Monday, which will enhance this a lot.


Actually it was a new container… I’ve tried it about 10 times and the last time I managed to embed it… I’m not sure what I did differently to be honest. 😕

Anyway, glad to hear that this is being worked on, thanks for your prompt response!


If it is a new and empty container… Have you seen the blue rectangle that highlight the embeddable area? You must make sure the top-left corner of the image enter the container’s field.


Not sure if it is caused by the bug mentioned in this thread:…


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