I’ve reported this problem before, but marked it as solved when I got a fresh install of Windows. I would return if the problem remained the same. So here I am…

I’ve downloaded some of the shared resources (iPhone library), and my problem is, that if I delete a ressouce from the elements library (to the left inside ForeUI), the deleted elements is back in the library when I restart ForeUI.

I’ve checked the fce_list.xml in c:documents and settings… and it only contains the few elements that I created my self. There are no iPhone elements.

So what do I do?

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Have you checked the “categories.xml” file in c:documents and settings…?

As you can see, the fce_list.xml is managing the element you loaded into the “Custom Element” category. As for other categories, you should be able to find them in the categories.xml file.

I guess you will find iPhone elements defined in categories.xml file… But so far I have no idea why deleting element does not work on your machine.


I just checked categories.xml and yes, the iPhone elements were there. I deleted them in the xml-file, and now they are no longer shown in ForeUI.

Thanks! – However, I would like it to happen automatically 🙂


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