We recently acquire ForeUI. When we tested it, we have three or four pages and it works well. Now with have more pages and the simulation takes about 3 minutes to load. We cannot work with this performance. A javascript message is showed and the simulation slows all the system.

Give me a reason to justify my choice in your software.

Pentium 4; IE8

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Hi Adélia, the loading time depends on the number and size of the generated files and the web browser you are using. Our testing shows that IE and Opera will take much more time to load the same simulation than other browsers (FireFox, Chrome, Safari). So if you like to reduce the loading time, you can try using other browsers than IE and Opera. Meanwhile we will optimize the generated files to speed up the loading in the future.

As for slowing the entire system, that is odd. This message should not be shown until the script is running for a long time. I doubt there is something like “infinite loop” in your defined behavior. If you could not figure it out, you can send us your plot file and we will try to help.

  1. I’ve tested the simulation in Chrome, and this has reduced a lot the loading time: Chrome takes 17 seconds - IE takes 86 seconds. About the possibility of send our plot file, I can ́t do that because it ́s an analysis propriety of our company.
    We consider that 17 seconds is still a bit slow. We hope that you could optimize the performance of loading process, because after loading it works well. The process of creating the plot is very simple and fast.

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