In Firefox, this JSON query “…” return “{lhs: “1 Euro”,rhs: “1.28900 U.S. dollars”,error: “”,icc: true}”.

So far so good. The problem is that when I use it in ForeUI and assign the JSON object to a property (Cambio), this is not updated. Can you help? Thank ́s.

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Hi Antonio,

The API you were using is JSON API instead of JSONP API. ForeUI only support JSONP API because your simulation is running on your PC,which has different domain than the API server.

You can find another API, or you can wrap this API as a new JSONP API, if you have a place to host your API.


Seems someone already wrapped this API to JSONP API:…

You can use it directly, it is actually calling Google’s Currency Converter API, but it is JSONP API instead.


Vivi thank you very much, now it works perfectly.


Glad to know it works. You are welcome.


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