Is it possible when running a simulation to enable the user to dynamically add a row to a table and populate its cells?

For example, you have input fields at the top of the screen.

The user enters data and then clicks a button which will add a row to a table at the bottom of the screen and copies the entered data into the cells of the newly created table row.

There seem to be only 5 actions available for the element “Table” and none of them seem to deal with adding/removing rows.

I’ve looked in the online help and the FAQ but couldn’t find anything.

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Hi Peter, dynamically add row/column to table is not supported at this time.

However you can create some blank rows and fill their content in the runtime. Justin had ever submitted an example for this workaround:


Hi Xavier,

Thanks very much for the link which was helpful.

I’ll use that method for now.

However, it might be a nice idea for a future update.

  1. Sure we will consider adding this in the future :-)

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