Enhancement: Multi-selection support in action editor.

Enhancement: Show author name in resource listing view.

Fixed Bug_0133: V1.xx plot that contains conditional branchings may not be loaded in V2.0

Fixed Bug_0134: Loading rectangle element with width=20 or height=20 in V1.xx plot file, the rectangle will be resized.

Fixed Bug_0135: Create several instances of same custom element, move the newly created element, its action will be messed up.

Fixed Bug_0136: Single row table (without header) shows nothing in simulation.

Fixed Bug_0138: Custom event (and its child nodes) can not be pasted.

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I have a 20 pages plot and I cant export it in PDF.
When the export procedure is stating the same time it stops without creating any PDF file
your help please!

  1. Hi Stefanos, I've replied your email yesterday and attached the exported PDF (1.45 MB) in the mail, have you received that?

    As for the problem you mention, I can not reproduce it, I just use V2.00 and export the PDF file directly. Can you send us your log file (under the "log" folder in the install directory) to check?

Hi ViVi, I haven’t receive anything yet…
BTW I use the Mac version so where I could find the log file?

Thank you for your response!

  1. Hi Stefanos, I also sent you a mail without attachment about 11 hours ago, have you received that? Maybe you can check your mail refuse bin? If all not found, seems that my mail is blocked by your mail system...

    In Mac, the application is actually a folder named "EaSynth", so you need to rename the folder (remove the .app postfix in name), then you can go inside and find the log file in "/Contents/Resources/Java/log". It is kind of difficult, we should add a menu item to allow user to submit logs...

Sorry for the delay [busy days here…]

I took a look into the foreui.log and it’s empty [Zero Kb file]

[BTW I dont have receive any email from you [I look to Spam folder too…]

Thank you in advance

  1. Hi Stefanos, I think you can contact us with another mailbox, if the problem still exists.

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