I am evaluating ForeUI and try to create a Click-Mockup to be able to discuss UI evolutions of a desktop application with customers. ForeUI is a great tool and very powerful through its event/action handling. Well done!

I also like ForeUI’s feature to work with page hierarchy (a multi-master feature would be nice though) but there is a big issue from my point of view in combination with the layering, because the z-value of the objects is relative to the page (and not plot) so changing this value has no effect if parts are on other pages cover objects on the current page if the other pages are on a higher hierarchical order.

This makes it very hard to use for dynamically appearing objects like Contextual Menus, Main Menus and Annotations, because I don’t see any way to workaround this by changing the page hierarchy. The only way would be to not use the Page Masters at all and create a lot of redundant pages, but this would be really a shame.

Z-order values of objects on the same page work perfectly, but for me they should be globally valid. Is there any way to get this fixed in near future? I mean, I can live with the one or other minor issue that I ran into, but this would be essential for my (rather complex) purposes…



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Hello Alex,

Are you using IE to run the simulation? The elements in master page with higher Z value can cover the content of current page on other web browsers ( Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Opera). We will try to support this in IE from the coming V3.0.

You can read the follow threads for more information:………


Hello ViVi,

you are right, it’s working fine with alternative browsers like Chrome, so honestly sorry, I have to apologize for not having sufficiently investigated in your forum before I posted.

But thanks for your helpful and quick answer!

Best regards,



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