is there a trick how i can use the value of a property as a pointer to another property?


{b} = “Test”

Set {a} Property to Value “{b}”

Is Condition “{a} == “{b}””

yes: Change “TextBox_a” text to “{a}”

TextBox_a.text = “Test”

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The scenario you mentioned should work, if you remove the quote marks for {b} in the condition checking, like this:

If you are looking for an approach to use a property value as the name of another property, please take a look at the example below:



back again, i hope you can help me again.

Instead of put something in a variable property.

{{b}} = …

I wish to put a variable property in something

… = {{b}}

How can i make that?


How does “show Message “{{b}}” work?

I don’t get “value of a” i got “{a}”


Hi Yasofies,

The expression parsing engine in V2.x is not powerful enough, so those use cases are not supported for the time being.

Fortunately we will have new parsing engine in V3.0, which will support unlimited nested expression in different parts. Then your use cases will work as you expected.


ok thanks,

is there a release date for V3.0?

this or next year?


It will be in May this year, sorry for the delay


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