In creating a custom event, I tried to “Show A Message” with the message body being “That’s great”. The generated javascript does not escape the ‘ and I get the following error in FF.

Error: missing ) after argument list

Source File: file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/asiegel/.foreui/workspace/08A211E32BC5DC687DA479A26F51B7C3/SIM1265052045189/scripts/Page1.js

Line: 6, Column: 20

Source Code:

window.alert(‘”That’s great!”‘);

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Hi Andrew,

If the content of “Show A Message” action need to have ‘ or “, we need to add a backlash to escape it. Like this

That’s great!

Say “Hello”


Although there is workaround, I think ForeUI should automatically detect the quotation mark and add ‘’ to escape it, thus users do not need to care about this kind of problem.


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