In the PDF it would be nice if page numbers were added as well as an overall project title. Using ForeUI at a large company means we are often presenting to executives and other senior leaders. The PDF is a great way to share the wireframes and prototypes and it would be nice if they looked more formal.

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Hi Andrew,

Thanks for the good suggestion. We will improve the PDF export feature in the future. However the enhancement may not come very soon since we have many items in our TODO list and we need to implement them step by step.

Fortunately we are not alone 🙂 XemWare, our official partner, is developing a very cool ForeUI extension tool: UXConsole, and they are making very rapid progress these days. UXConsole can load .4ui file and generate the report as you need (which should meet your requirements I think). There are also many exciting features under development. Here is their beta download:…

Tim is the one behind this project, he may give more detailed introduction if he see this post 🙂


Hi Andrew (and thanks Xavier for the great introduction).

UXConsole is an exciting new tool that is building on the great work EASynth are doing with ForeUI.

The 1st release enables your own reports to be designed and generated against Plot files, a fully featured report designer is integrated.

A beta release that expires in 15days is available here:…

(Extract the file into a directory and launch UXConsole.exe)

Sample reports are included in the Reports directory.

For the time being, to include page screenshots in reports, Export Images from within ForeUI to the same directory as the plot, with the same filename.
e.g. Blog.4ui -> Blog_1.png, Blog_2.png (this is the standard export option in ForeUI).

Later versions of UXConsole will be able to generate the images using ForeUI in the background.

Additional modules for UXConsole in design+development stage:

* Review – Wraps the DHTML generated by ForeUI into a comment/feedback capture system – easily record comments directly against pages and elements and report on them, great for workshop sessions as the comments are linked directly to the plot.

* Test – Usability Testing of prototypes capturing all interaction for subsequent analysis of usability issues.

Please Note: UXConsole is a Windows only (Windows XP+) application and requires .NET 3.5 to be installed.

Please visit for more details.

Tim Shnaider
XemWare Limited

  1. Tim & Xavier; this is great news, thank you so much!
  2. There seems to be no details on and the link to the zip file is no good.

Hi Andrew, site updated and download now available.


Hi Andrew, did you manage to download the UXConsole beta?

Please send an email to if you require any assistance in designing reports or using the application.

If you haven’t used a report designer before there could be a bit of a steep learning curve, but I hope that’s the trade-off for flexibility.


  1. Tim, I successfully navigated to the page but have not yet worked with the designer. Still working on my prototypes.

    Thanks for checking in. I will be in touch.

I cannot get to the page, just get a 404 error. is there something wrong with the link?


Hi Andy, the product is now called Looksie, and the download link can be found here:

Keep in mind the current version is just a technology preview, I’ll be launching the web site and beta version of Looksie during April.

Feel free to contact me at with any queries or feedback, or log a comment on the Blog.



Hi Andrew,

Looksie is the ultimate mockup documenter, please refer to this announcement for more:


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