I need to creat a unique global property during simulation in an user action.

this action is used from more then one element, but it need to keep in mind witch element use the action.

cause the action has a loop so that they exist parallel.

i need to give every action is unique global property to remind the element that called the action.

as far i understand ForeUI, the same action can run parallel but use the same global propertys.

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Hi Yasofies, not sure if I understand your requirements. If you need to create global property during the simulation, just use the Set Global Property action. If the property is not created before, ForeUI will automatically create one.


right, but i have to define the name in the editor.

i wish that the prototype creat the global property (name) during the simulation dynamical.




Set {test_{count}} Property to Value “x”

i think this is the same problem (in an other way):…

so i still hope for V.3.0.

  1. Hi Yasofies, I think ForeUI V2.x already supports this feature. It should work as you expect if the expression is not very complicated (like your example). It is true that V3.0 will support complex expresion parsing.

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