Here’s what I want:

1. Once click the button, audio start playing.

2. audio progress shown at the progress bar.

Thanks very much for helping.

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Hello Eligio,

This topic has been discussed in this forum. Although it is not officially supported, you can still use some workarounds to achieve this. Please read these two threads first:……

By following the suggestions in these threads, you will be able to play audio in your simulation. If you want to display the progress, you will need to know the actual length of the audio. Say your audio is 30 seconds long, you can set the parameters of progress bar like this:

And then you trigger the auto increasing when “Play” button is clicked:

Thus the progress bar will reach the end after 30 seconds.

Hope that helps.


I downloaded .4ui file from….

But ForeUI said Reference error….

How to fix this? Thanks.


Hi Eligio,

The latest version of ForeUI verify the expression quite strictly, so the workaround is marked as “error” (shown in red) and the code is not exported in simulation by default.

To make it work, you will need to make some configurations on your ForeUI. Unfortunately it could not be done directly in the settings page. You will have to configure it by modifying the settings.xml file. Please follow these steps:

1) exit ForeUI

2) open the (userDir)/.foreui/conf/settings.xml file with any text editing tool. Where (userDir) is the home directory of your current user account.

3) find the <entry key=”export.dhtml.with.errors”> node, and set its value to “true”. If the node doesn’t exist, create it.

4) save the file and re-open ForeUI

After doing this, the example should work without any modification. However, please notice that it is just a workaround, and it may not work on all platforms and web browsers.

In future release we will provide the official way to invoke javascript code in the simulation.


Where is (userDir)/.foreui/conf/settings.xml ?

I’m using Mac OS X 10.8.4



In Mac OS X, the (userDir) is your home directory. Which has a “house” icon in the left list in your Finder.

You may not find the .foreui directory with default settings, since this folder is hidden. Via Google you can find out how to show those hidden files (directories), for example, this article:;


Got it, thanks 🙂


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