New Feature: Zoom in or zoom out the editing view.

New Hotkeys:

Ctrl =: Zoom In (Cmd = in Mac)

Ctrl -: Zoom Out (Cmd – in Mac)

Ctrl 1: Zoom to 100% (Cmd 1 in Mac)

Ctrl 2: Zoom to 200% (Cmd 2 in Mac)

Ctrl 3: Zoom to 300% (Cmd 3 in Mac)

Ctrl 4: Zoom to 400% (Cmd 4 in Mac)

Ctrl 5: Zoom to 50% (Cmd 5 in Mac)

Enhancement: Allow text editor to exceed the plot editing area.

Enhancement: Ajust the text positioning for all text elements.

Enhancement: Do not bring the progress window to top when exporting in progress.

Enhancement: Show warning message when trying to load a plot created by higher version.

Enhancement: Smartly update the custom event name during copy/paste if it contains element id.

Bug_0180: Set the date of Calendar element to the last day of the month, all buttons after the date will be filled incorrectly.

Bug_0181: Arrow Line element is not rendered properly in simulation.

Bug_0182: TextBox with initial invisible state can not really become visible via “Change Visibility” action.

Bug_0183: Add custom element to user-defined element category and restart the software, the category will be lost.

Bug_0184: “Set Global Cursor” action does not work for Rectangle and some other elements since V2.17.

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