Zooming: Great feature!

Ctrl =: Zoom In (Cmd = in Mac OS)

Ctrl -: Zoom Out (Cmd – in Mac OS)

Could you maybe add CTRL + Plus for zooming in (and please make sure that the Plus on the nummerical pad works).

And please make the Minus on the nummerical pad work for zooming out.

Btw, I can’t use equals work for zooming in. I use a Danish keyboard on which the equals character is activated by Shift + 0 – Is that the problem?

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Another great feature would be a zoom-tool allowing the user to highlight the area that needs to be zoomed in on.

You have added zoom which is great, but you have to zoom and then scroll if the area you are working on is not in the top-left corner of the plot. By making it possible to drag a rectangle around the area, the zoom level and the scrolling would be done in the same action.

Would that by any chance by possible to implement in a future release?


Ah…we didn’t realize the different keyboard layout will make trouble. No problem, we will add the Ctrl+NumPad_Plus and Ctrl+NumPad_Minus for zoom in and out in next version.

If you can press Shift+0 to input the ‘=’ with your keyboard, I guess you may be able to use the Ctrl+Shift+0 to zoom in 😉

As for the “zoom for selected area” feature, it is good but a bit hard to implement. I am thinking about the workarounds, maybe we can cache the center point of the view before zooming, and adjust the view position by the cached center point after the zooming…


Ok, sounds good.

> I guess you may be able to use the Ctrl+Shift+0 to zoom in 😉

Ufortunately, that doesn’t work…


We’ve added the Ctrl+NumPad_Plus and Ctrl+NumPad_Minus for zoom in and out in V2.22



what’s about Ctrl + mouse wheel down = zoom in and Ctrl + Mouse Wheel up = zoom out. I’m really missing the feature and use it heavily in other programs (PowerPoint, Word, Gimp, etc.).

The shortcut Ctrl + -/+ is very nice, but I have to release a hand from the mouse to push the +/- button on the keyboard. Because I probably will select and move elements right after zooming in, I have to touch the mouse again. After being finished I’d have to release the mouse again to zoom out. This workflow could be more efficient if I could zoom in/out with the mouse wheel.

I’d really appreciate such a feature!

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  1. Hi René, thanks for the suggestion!

    After quick discussion with the team, we think this feature is quite useful and not difficult to implement, so we will add it in next version.

    Thanks again for the good idea :-)
  2. The pleasure is all mine! Thanks for taking this feature in consideration and even plan to add it. I can't wait until it's there.

    By the way, you are a great team! It's the second time I post something here in the forum and you responded in both cases damn quickly. I really really appreciate how you support your customers!

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