Hello Vivi,

you helped me with the first, similar, question:

But now, working and trying half of the day to let the multiple menu changing pages by clicking, i figured out that there might be a bug.

I will send you a plot file as example.

Problem: The multilevel menu only works when the described task is implemented (at least if it had been made “invisible” once before).

i make a button, that switches multilevel to visible: Jump of Menuitem One to Page 3 does not work.

It only works, when its continusly visible.

Desperate help or fixes needed.

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Hi Seb,

You will need to use the “Selection Changed” event instead of “Element Click” event on the multileve menu/menu.

After changing the event to “Selection Changed”, both pages are working now.


Hi Vivi,

thanks for that clue. This makes this element work!!

A similar hint in the documentation could be helpful.




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