In my work I make heavy use of the hand drawn rendering. In my opinion the ability to switch from hand drawn to higher fidelity renderings is the main strength of ForeUI.

In version 3 the hand drawn look seems to have changed so that the lives are regular wavy, and look like they have been part of a drunken design session. For me the V3 hand drawn render is unusable, and removes any incentive to upgrade.

Is it possible that we could go back to the V2 render for hand drawn items?


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Hello Tobias,

The hand drawn theme in V2 was using picture for every line. We changed the implementation of hand drawn theme since V3, since we need a generic way to render borders of any element. The new implementation generates the lines with given parameters (defined in UI theme).

We will release UI theme editor in the future, which allows user to custom the UI theme. That means these parameters could be editable in the future. However it will always be “regular” wavy, the parameters will not change the implementation thoroughly.

It is not possible to go back to V2 rendering in V3, sorry about that.


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