When running a Simulation in v2.52, image (.jpg, .gif, .png, etc.) proportions are being distorted.

See the attached example

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Hi Mike,

I can not reproduce the problem you mentioned. Have you defined any action to resize the ImageBox?

If you don’t have a clue, you can send you plot file to, we can help you to check.


No, I don’t have any resize actions in place. I have the problem with every image within the plot. It appears to be an issue with IE7. I tried the simulation with FireFox and it generates correctly. The distortion was not occurring prior to the 2.52 release


That’s quite strange… I have no idea so far.

If anyone else has ever met this problem, please leave your comment.


Oddly enough, after looking at this further, it appears to only distort images that are 15X15 or smaller. Larger images seem to render properly.


Hi Mike, thanks for the tips. I can reproduce the bug now. It only happen in IE when the image is smaller than the the default font size.

I’ve just made a quick fix for this, you can update to V2.521 to see if it works now.


Looks great. Thanks Xavier!


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