somehow, I can’t get the object snap to work with embedded controls. I added some controls to a tab and then tried to arrange them, but they simply won’t snap to each other. Aligning them all manually is too much effort.



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Hi Martin,

This is a limitation, we may implement it in the future. Meanwhile you can select mutiple embedded elements (holdi Shift key while selecting) and then use the Align and Layout tools in tools pane to help lining up the elements.


Hey ViVi,

thanks for the quick reply. That should do.


Are there any plans to implement this? It’s frustrating that the controls do not get snapped within a container.


Hi Scott,

This feature is in our list, however it doesn’t have high priority at the time being. You could click the “+1” button to vote this thread up (if you did not do so yet), which may raise its priority in the list. Thank you.


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