There’s something about the newly enhanced tree element that I don’t understand.

In Edit mode, the root folders are collapsible/expandible. In simulation, they are not.

As the image below shows there is no plus next to the “Folder” on root level when running simulation. However when editing the tree element, a plus is shown, and you can collapse and expand the tree structure.

Is this intended?

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Hi Ulrich,

Actually the root folders are also collapsible/expandible, you can click the small blank area on the left of the root folder to collapse/expand it (work in both editing and simulation).

We plan to add another attribute to control whether to show the small “plus” icon beside the root folder. This may be implemented in next version.


Yes, that would be much appreciated 🙂

How about making the icons clickable too? The you could expand/collaps the tree by clicking the icons.

That would also be a good feature if the ForeUI user chooses to hide the plus (once you add that feature).


We’ve added the option to show/hide the handles (small plus icons) for root nodes in V2.62.


I have Tree Default Icons OFF and they are still being displayed,both in hand drawn and wireframe – what am I doing wrong? I haven’t added my own icons, only want the +/- and lines to be displayed.

  1. It is a known bug, and I've mentioned it here: <a href="; rel="nofollow"></a>

    Next update will have it fixed.
  2. Cool - I did actually search for 'tree icon' first, so crazy that I didn't find your obscure mention of it. ;-) GetSatisfaction isn't the best medium for bug lookusp/tracking since it's lack the structure of a proper tracker.

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