Can you hel me. I have a project with multilevel menu. When i’ve got only a mnue (without events), symulation of the project works, and I could see in a web browser. When i set the events to show other pages, symulation doesn’t worg. In a borwser ther is no java-script (the java script is empty). Could you help me.

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Hello Katarzyna,

I want to help but I need more informations about the problem. From your description it seems there are some errors in your behavior definition. Could you show us a screenshot of your behavior editor? Or you can send your plot file to, and we will check it for you.


Hello ViVi,

thanks fore replaying. I’d like to send you my project ane generated files, but i couldn’t. So see the screen shots. I you’d like to see the project, pleas send me am eMail.


Hello Katarzyna,

Thanks for the screenshots. Since the script file is empty, I think ForeUI must met some errors when generating the simulation.

Could you send us the log file? I believe the errors are logged and maybe we can find out what happened. The log file can be found in C:Users(userDir).foreuilogs directory. You can send to, or paste its content here (if not too long). Thanks.


I’ve send the log file via eMail.


The problem is solved. The main reason is the value type of the switch case. Since you are branching by the selectionIdentification property of MultilevelMenu element, the case value type should be “String” instead of “Number” (value like “1.2.3” could not be parsed as a number).


thanks for solving my problem. There is a problem with rendering multilevel-Menu on the HTML webside (after generating) I think you know this problem.


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