I want to create a “hierarchy” in a combobox menu by adding leading space characters to selected items. I can add the leading spaces in the editor and the indentation looks fine, however, when it is rendered in the browser, it appears the leading space characters are stripped out.

Is there another character that can be use to indent selected items or is there a different method?

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Hello David,

You can use   to represent a space in the simulation. However it is not nice in editing mode.

Maybe we could make some enhancements on this.


Thanks for the reply. Your solution works, however, you are correct that in editing mode, this solution gets “messy”, especially if you have multiple levels in your hierarchy resulting in multiple space characters (e.g., &ampnbsp&ampnbsp&ampnbsp&ampnbspxxxx).

It seems the best solution would be to make space characters legal.


Yes, we have decided to fix this problem in next version (3.0 RC).


Excellent. Thank you.


This has been fixed in V3.0 RC


I tested it and it work great. Thanks!


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