the plot i work on need ~1,5 Minuts to load in chrome. i found out that my Ballon element (there are ~100 in the plot) cause about 1 Minute of this.

So i need to know what actions make more or less problem while loading / and while running. is there anywhere an index.

what tools do you use to test performance of a plot?

Ballon element Code:

Element Initialized

Set Element “Balloon_TT” Hidden

Custom Event

Is Condition “{TT_ID} == []” Satisfied?


Move Element “Balloon_TT” to (100,100)

Set Element “Balloon_TT” Visible


1 answer

In the 2.x version, the Ballon element will be converted to image in html, so loading 100+ images may need certain time, especially when you load in via Internet.

We will replace the code generating engine in 3.x version, which will try to convert element to code as much as possible, and it will be much faster to load the simulation.

Show/hide element actions will take very little resource, and should be very fast. Moving element will be much slower.


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