after intense searching and praying I realized that the work of today has disappeared when giving my ForeUI file a different name.

This is what I’ve done:

1. created a multiple page scenery

2. saved the file

3. closed the file (ForeUI still running)

4. renamed the file on my mac

5. reopened the file

6: realized that the file was not the latest version but was missing around 4 hours of work. Horror!

Any ideas / experience with such behavior?

My system is a MAC running OSX10.6.4, I run the evaluation version 2.37 since yesterday.



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Hi Mathias,

Renaming a plot file should not affact any content inside. Have you tried reopening the file after restarting ForeUI?

I guess your latest version of your file is saved to another directory. You can confirm the recently used directory by clicking the “Recent Folder…” button in the file chooser window.


Hi ViVi,

thanks for your quick reply.

Unfortunately the latest version is not saved to any other directory, another fileserver or elsewhere. And yes, I reopened the file after restarting ForeUI with no success.

Whatever happened to my pages – this event is not reproducible at all. And i tried almost everything 😉


I had that situation occur with an older version of ForeUI. Does the plot file exist? If so, it might be possible to recover your work by dissecting the file, which consists of XML and renaming it.


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