Is there a way to edit line color widget properties globally in a UI theme?

I need to change the strong black line of Hand Drawing to grey.

The lines are overemphasized.. It makes the prototypes quite ugly and the content can’t stand out. I always create sketchy line prototypes (currently with Axure RP), but never with strong black lines.

It would be useful to change the same black lines to grey in Wire Frame UI theme too (e.g. as grey border lines as the element properties panel in ForeUI software use, or the interface elements here at

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Hello Erinah,

we will release UI theme editor plugin after v3 is released, thus you can customize the UI theme, including changing the line color.


Why don’t you just make the default lines nicer?

Would you please give an estimate to that UI theme editor? It sounds as something in the far far future.


Hello Erinah,

The theme editor is basically usable now. We are using it to create the UI themes for v3.0. We still need some time to polish it before providing it to end users. So the estimated release date of this plugin should be Q3 in this year.




I downloaded the v3beta to try if it already suits my needs… but it says it expired.

I’m surprised that you don’t restart the trial period with a new version.

  1. Hi Erinah, in this case you can apply for the trial extension (click the "Not ready to register yet?" link on popup message window.

    However the new version does not include the UI theme editor plugin yet.
  2. OK, but if i just click on the link, I suppose I won't get the whole functionality of a proper trial. So I can't actually check all features.
    Why don't you simply reset the trial period if a new version is out, as other systems do?
  3. Oh, and thank you very much for your quick answer. I do really appreciate that you listen to users. That's one of the reasons I'm back and will check your products again (and again), to see when it fits our process.

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