Now that I do more UI work, I have found ForeUI to be my main tool in UI mockups and have even created my company’s first official UI widget set and UI guidelines with it, including an entire custom library for our standard UI set.

One thing that is making it hard to adopt company-wide (e.g. among my company’s three product managers) is the inability to easily share screens from a plot or entire plots seamlessly online.

Having a feature that would allow a user to share specific screens or plots directly from the ForeUI application would be very useful.

Such a feature could take many forms:

1) integrated FTP upload to a web server

2) the ability to plug-in Fore UI with common tools such as Confluence, MediaWiki

3) the ability to upload plots or screens to common free filesharing services


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That’s a very good suggestion. We will seriously consider adding these features in the future. Also we may release a server side application who can work as a ForeUI resource sharing server.




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