In my mockups, I’ll often end up with groups on top of groups and this gets a bit out of hand when I’m trying to edit their contents….in fact, editing contents of groups in general is a bit of a chore. I’m curious if 3.0 will allow me to “enter” a group and give that group’s elements sole focus (clicking on an area of the screen with elements outside of the current group does not select them/leave the group focus). If this is not a feature I would suggest building a way to enter/lock-into a group and ignore all outside pieces until you specifically decide to exit the group.

Thanks guys!

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Hello Barnett,

V3.0 does not provide that feature. Instead it allows you to hide other content except that group in the “Outline” view, which should cover your requirement.


That definitely sounds like it covers the concern with accidentally selecting other objects – which is a solid 80% of the problem 🙂

I may still find editing elements in a group to be a pain as you can’t directly click on them – you have to double click down into the content. It makes drag/multiple selections out of the question. Another reason I like the idea of “entering” a group is to be able to create new content directly within the group by dragging it from the component library into the active field/canvas (which could be a group) rather than adding it after the fact (which is currently a bit clunky). This would be great for objects that hold other objects too – like scrolling areas and accordions.


Hi Barnett, ForeUI already supports creating new content directly within the group. You can try to RIGHT drag element from component library into your group, it will be added into to group automatically.


Not bad 🙂 but it is a fairly hidden function….

I would not, on my own, think to do that. You’ll find a lot of users who won’t discover the hard work that goes into such features when they are not integrated with intuitive or at least easily discoverable controls. Question: If I had a group within a group, which group does it drop into?


It is not easy to find out this feature, however the RIGHT drag (or CTRL+drag) is the unique way to embed element into container (Group, Window, Scrollable Container, Accordion, Tree, Table etc), so it is a consistent behavior.

Back to your question, for group nested in another group, RIGHTdrag will add new content to the top level group. While Tabs nested in Tabs is different, new content will try to add into the deepest container. You can try it and find out.


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