Could you maybe allow wildcard search in the element text filter?

I have made different custom elements called “field_x” where the x is replaced by the name of the field, examples are “field_search” and “field_text”.

I would like “field_search” to appear if I enter “search” in the text filter.

What do you think?

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Hi Ulrich, you can use space instead of underline in the element name. If your element is named “field search”, you can find it by inputting “field” or “search” in filter box.


Ehh… are you sure that is how the filter works?

I have created a custom element with filename “field search.fce” and title “field search”.

When I enter “search” in the filter, nothing is shown.


My bad. That is an enhancement in our schedule but it is not implemented yet.

Meanwhile you can use tags to achieve. You can assign as many tags as you need for your element, and then you can find your element by tag.


Ok, I will add the tags.


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