Running Win 7 x64 – the background color of plot is not respected, and even if that is ignored, pasted image has a black background in the ‘transparent’ areas.

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Hi Tim, the plot background color is not used in this case, the element’s background color and opacity are used instead, and the selected elements will be pasted as alpha-transparent image.

But you are right, the transparent part is recognized as black by some apps (Adobe Fireworks works well though), we will check it and see if we could improve.

  1. Perhaps add a global Preferences setting to specify the background color to use for transparent areas when copying into the clipboard as an image, this could be:
    * blank, in that case transparent is retained.
    * use plot background color
    * specified color

    Powerpoint 2007 works fine, transparent areas stay transparent

    I expect most Design type apps manage the transparent areas fine, but if I want to do a quick and dirty paste into Outlook it's a problem.

This bug is fixed in V2.50, and the pasted image in Microsoft World will become transparent now.


Confirm Word pasting works fine, but now pasting into Outlook results in a file attachment – was this intended? Ironically Outlook 2007 uses Word as the editor.

Also, pasting into apps like Microsoft Expression and Visio still results in black background for transparent areas.

  1. Yes it is intended. ForeUI will try to paste image as a file if the app support that (Word is in this case), otherwise it will try to paste as image in clipboard (All apps that do not accept file in clipboard are in this case, some app can not recognize the transparent background because of the limitation of Java).

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