All of my images keep disappearing. I can go back to an older workspace and copy them back, but it’s a bit disturbing. Is this a know bug? Latest Version 2.807, Windows 7 64bit, 64bit and 32bit Java Installed. 1024 Memory block defined, otherwise all defaults. Windows Install Version.

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Hello Jack,

Usually you shouldn’t need to look into the resource folder. ForeUI will store the images that used by the plot into that folder. As long as you insert an image into Image Dock in ForeUI, it will be copied to the resource folder.

Please don’t copy external image files into that folder, ForeUI will not keep them until they are used by your plot.


I had to copy them BACK into that folder. They were deleted upon a save (twice so far). I don’t know why, but the resource folder was empty and the image dock showed empty images, copying them back fixed this…. strange.

  1. I only use the image dock to add images by the way.

If the image dock shows empty images, maybe there are some errors happened during the file copying.

Could you send me your log file? (which is in the “[UserDir]/.foreui/log” directory)


Yes, the image dock shows empty images. This happens when I save. I get dialog box errors for each missing image.

  1. Are the images in image dock look normal before saving the plot?
  2. Yes, they look normal

I saw a lot of “javax.imageio.IIOException: Error reading PNG metadata” messages in the log. I doubt there is error in your PNG file. Could you send one of the PNG file (which will be missing when save) to for checking?


Sent, however, the only PNG files are the standard png’s included with ForeUI.


That’s odd. The PNG files are ok. Now I doubt it is a permission related issue.

Can this problem be reproduced all the time on your PC? Even if you create a new plot, add image and then save it to disk? Have you ever try this on another PC?


No, it’s can’t be reproduced all the time. It only happened twice, and just today. I have not tried this on another PC. I’ve been working 14 hours strait on one plot when it just ‘happened’. I’ve since removed my 32bit version of JAVA (although I think ForeUI uses some embedded version (I’m I correct?). I also assigned ForeUI administrative privileges just for the heck of it. It has not happened in the last 3 hours.

  1. I Save-As often now. :)
  2. ForeUI is using its embedded Java if you install it with Windows installer, usually you don't need to make any configuration on JRE and it will work.

    I do think it is a environment related problem, since it is not reported before. Have you installed some anti-virus system that may stop the file copying?

I use Avast Anti-Virus. Never seen this before, and it’s intermittent. I’ll see if upping the rights to Admin helps any.


I had another occurrence of my images disappearing. So, I changed my workspace to a folder under ‘my documents’. So far I’ve not had any more problems.


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