After building a custom OS X File Requestor (see attached image), I thought of some enhancements you can make to your Basic Elements:

1) Add a rounded rectangle option, with control over the radius of corners. This option would allow a wide variety of widgets to be built easier such as custom buttons, modal windows, etc.

2) Add a link thickness option for all Basic Elements. Right now, a border can be enable or disabled but the thickness of the line should be user-controlled.

3) Add a line color option so that the color of the border can be controlled independently.

4) Allow images to be added to Tab Bars and Menu Items. On OS X, you can have icons in the Menu Bar. In Windows, it’s common to see icons in menus options and in tab panels.

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Good suggestions! We’ve put them into our list 🙂
BTW, the menu items can have icon NOW, see the figure below:

You can changed the highlight (selected) item with those two buttons, and specify the icon for it.
What’s more, you can drag image from the Image Dock to the menu item directly, like this:



Thank you for clarifying. Sometimes it’s easy to miss these options!


Rounded corners rectangle, border color and thiness are provided in V1.45.

  1. I found the rounded corner rectangle. What I'd like to do is modify the button to have rounded corners, so I don't have to recreate a button with the rounded corner rectangle tool. Is that possible?
  2. Hi Deborah, as Xavier said, you can create a customized element for that. Also you can use image element to simulate a button.

Hi Deborah, I think the best way to achieve this (at least for now) is to create a customized element with one rounded corner rectangle and a text label, like this:

Once you create such a customized element, you can find it in the left list and can use it as many time as you need.


Wow! That was fast support. I didn’t know what to expect. I’ll give the custom element a try. Thanks so much for the fast response.

  1. You're welcome :-) We're in GMT +8 so I should leave for now, if you have other questions, just post here and I will come back tomorrow.

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