When browsing the pages the buttons in bottom tool bar (Behavior, UI Theme etc.) are being pushed around when the length of the Page name varies. That draws my attention and it really shouldn’t as focus should be in the work area.

Could you please consider rearranging the tool bar? Maybe like this:

The Up/Down buttons and the Page are left aligned while the rest of the controls are rigth-aligned.

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Thanks for the idea.

We have ever considered to implement it like this. However it is not easy because the bottom toolbar is scrollable.

We will try to figure it out.


By the way, please conside removing the labels “UI Theme” and “Zoom” as they are not really necessary… maybe you could add a Setting alowing the user to see them or not.

Removing them will give you more space and scroolling horizontally will not happen very often. You could also require a minimum screen resoultion and design it accordingly.


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