For OS-specific widgets, I suggest adding the following elements:

1) A taskbar for the windows theme. This allows for those doing windows prototypes to create Sys Tray mock ups. It should be unavailable for when switching to the OS X theme and also allow optional icons to be placed next to labels to accurately simulate the experience.

2) An Apple icon in the menu bar for the OS X theme. This would be a checkbox that would be disabled when using the Windows theme. The Apple menu appears in all OS X applications and makes mockups more accurate.

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Thanks for sharing the idea!

Having a taskbar is interesting, but we are considering the way to implement it. Actually Windows is not the only one that has taskbar, Solaris and Ubuntu Linux has taskbar too, also Mac has the app dock which is similar… Once we provide taskbar element, we’d like to support all OS for it. Before that, maybe you can create a customized element to do the job?

For Mac theme, adding Apple icon in menu bar is good. I think we don’t need the checkbox since the menubar in Mac always have the Apple icon, right? So we can just hide the icon in other themes. On the other hand, we will allow puting the icons into the menubar, there will be more flexibility to implement the effect.



That sounds good. I can easily create a customized dock for OS X but a rounded rectangle would help since the 2D dock in leopard is rounded.


Finally the menubar element supports icon in V2.15.
As for the task bar, it can be done by creating a custom element.


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