At the moment you have to drag an element from the toolbox onto the page, and then right drag into a container – one action too many!

Perhaps also allow copy and paste of embedded elements between table cells.

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I am considering the behavior for the “right drag” action, it could do one of the following when right dragging element from the list:

A. allow dropping the element into a container
B. import a reference of custom element

Both seems reasonable. Once I choose one, I could not find another action for the remaining one. It’s a hard decision 😐

Will be good to support copy and paste embedded elements between table cells.


Can you explain what B is? Does it relate to my dynamic custom element request?

My preference is A as that would be the most common action.

For B, perhaps Shift or Ctrl + Drag?

  1. Yes the action B is related to your dynamic custom element request.

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