it would be a bit difficult to handle instances of library elements if they have there own behavior.

but it would be a great help if i could change the design of all my tooltip elements. all my fonts with one click.

for example i have a button with grey background and the behovier to be visible if a global property is TRUE.

i place this button on 20 pages and then I decide that the button should have a green backgroundcolor. now i should be enought to edit the library element of the button to change the color of all buttons.

and if i would change the behavior ot the libraray element it also should be changed for all placed instanzes of this element.

but only if the behavior of the instanze has not be changed. (maybe this part will be a bit tricky)

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Tim has suggested this before:…

We are thinking of this for 3.0. The solution may be: a plot or custom element (which is single page plot actually) can be embedded into another plot, just like an element. Double clicking the embedded plot will open it in another tab, the modifications on the embedded plot will be reflected to all references.

  1. sound a bite like N to N with master pages. i think i will love V3.0.

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