I’d like the ability to set the index of a Tabs element on “Page Loaded” and maybe on other events as well.

I’m creating a prototype that contains 6 tabs that gives the user access to 6 different pages. (I cannot create it all in one page and therefore I and have to use different pages.)

The window can be closed with a “Close” button (which leads to page 1), and it can be reopened by a toolbar button (going to page 2).

My problem is that, if the user:

1. opens the window (page 2)

2. clicks on tab 2 (which leads to page 3)

3. closes the window (which leads to page 1)

4. reopens the window (on page 2)

the active tab on page 2 is now the tab belonging to page 3…

Did I make my self understandable? The active tab no longer macth the active panel.

A solution to my problem would be:

a. the ability to set the index of the Tabs element on “Page Loaded” or

b. the ability to make the Tabs “freeze”: Let the Tabs work as links but without having the Tabs switch in the user interface.

Possible Work Around

I think I can make a work around inserting 6 rectangles covering each tab and make them work as the links and ignoring the Tabs element.

2 answers

The Tab element need a new “Set Selected Index” Action, we’ve put it in our list.


We’ve provide the “Set Selected Index” action in V1.90, the Table, List, Tree, Tabs and VerticalTabs elements support this new action.


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