When copying an element renamed to “TextBox_Age” the name of the copy is reset to e.g. “TextBox_1”.

I’ve created a page, with “intelligently” renamed elements, making it easier to find the elements and make the “action scripts”.

I need to copy 1 page to 5 pages, but when copying the , all of the “intelligent” names are reset… :o(

When copying an element called e.g. “Button_OK” couldn’t you make the copy be named “Button_OK_1” or someting like that?

By the way, when renaming an element to e.g. “Table_search_results”, the “_results” part disappears if you try to edit it again. Apparently it can only handle the first underscore…

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Accepted. The id allocating should be more smart.

About the “Table_search_results” is recognized as “Table_search” when editing, it is bug, sure we will fix it.


Nice :o)


The bug is reported as Bug_0094 and is fixed in V1.60

Also V1.60 provides a smarter id allocation.


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