I keep having items phantomly assigned groups, then I can’t get them unassigned. Every time I try to remove the item from the container (i.e. group) it duplicates the item, still in the phantom group.

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Hi Denise,

Just replied your email with plot file fixed. We need your help to reproduce the bug, thanks.

  1. Thanks for fixing the plot. I think part of the problem is the application allows you to delete groups, but it doesn't always ungroup the group, if that makes sense. If I remember to "ungroup" instead of "delete", I don't seem to have a problem.

    There's another bug that's been driving me crazy and taking up a lot of my time. It also has to do with groups. I went through all my windows yesterday and sent them to the bottom (which I thought used to give a value of -1000 but now gives a value of 0). Anyway, every window is now duplicated under Window, and every one thinks it's assigned to a group!!! I've noticed this bug before but didn't know how I was making it happen until yesterday. Because I can't delete items in a group, the only way I can get rid of them is to go to the group the original item is in, ungroup it (not delete the group, which causes the other headache), then delete the duplicate window and recreate the group (which is a real nightmare with as complicated as some of my pages are). You can look at the Reviews page as an example of this bug.

Hi Denise, thanks for your input.

We have confirm this is a bug: when you select an embedded element and try to move it to bottom or top, a duplicated element will appear. We will fix it in next version and the duplicated elements will be fixed automatically when you load your plot in new version.


This bug is fixed in V2.47 (Bug_0243)


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