I want to make a tool for my colleagues that they can use to play around the blink timing of LEDs on products. I can certainly do the basics of this with global properties, Loop While and Pause a While. But then the only way to change the timing is in my code, so that’s not so possible for my colleagues.

I want them to be able to change the timing values in ON and OFF text fields and then click a button to start the LED blinking (once the code has set the new timing parameters in the two Pause a While statements). But unfortunately, I can’t put a global property into the field into the Pause a While dialogue box.

Any tips or tricks for this?



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Hi David, we have scheduled to enhance these. From next version (which will be available on next Monday) you will be able to use properties in the timing field for loop or pause.


You guys are great – very responsive to your customers!


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