How can I change the Tree format from using folders to using checkboxes?

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Hi Audrey, you can drag CheckBox element into tree node (with right mouse button hold).

However there is a related bug: the folder icons are not hidden in DHTML simulation, even if you have hidden them in edit mode. We will fix the bug in next version.


Hey Xavier, Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I am a little confused when you say that I can drag the CheckBox element into the tree node. I don’t see how I can replace the folders with the checkboxes.

Also, by doing this, will it work just like the folders so that when I click one checkbox, it will show the additional selections below it?

I’m sorry if these are dumb questions but I am trying to figure out if I can make this work the way I would like it to.



Hi Audrey, in ForeUI you can embed element into a “container” element. Specifically you can drag element into container element with RIGHT mouse button hold.

These elements can work as “container”: Table, Tree, Tabs, Vertical Tabs, Scrollable Container and Group.

You can embed CheckBox element into any node of the Tree element, and hide the default icons for the tree, thus the CheckBox is taking place of the folder. Since the CheckBox can handle events separately, it is possible to show/hide some elemnets according to the CheckBox’s status. However the Tree element does not support add/remove node dynamically, so it is not easy to add additional selections below current tree node.

Maybe you could try using two Tree elements, one has less options and the other has more options. You can control their show/hide status via the CheckBox embedded in the tree node: when CheckBox is checked, the Tree with more opitons is shown and the other is hidden, vice versa.

Hope that helps.


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