Sometimes, I’ve noticed after pasting a piece of text (technically called a Text Box), focus will be on the font selector dropdown. So what will often happen is I’ll paste a piece of text, then when I try to move it with the arrow keys it will change the font a bunch of times instead of move the text like I want it to. It looks like it happens when there are pieces of text on the screen with different fonts assigned.

Here’s how you can duplicate the issue:

1) Drag two Text Box-es onto the page.

2) Change the font on one of them to something different, say Arial. So you’ll have one that’s “” and one that’s “Arial”.

3) On the Arial text box, do a cut, then a paste.

4) Notice how the cursor is now blinking in the font selector dropdown? If you try to move the text with the arrow keys, you’ll get some crazy font changing going on.

I know that seems like a very strange situation, but it causes me trouble anytime I have a font on the page different than , and it really is a pain!

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I noticed the same thing happens when using any element that has the font selector dropdown – text edit boxes, tabs, radio buttons, anything.

Also, in my original issue, I tried to put < default > and it got stripped out. So in a couple of spots there where it looked like I forgot a word, I’m saying it’s set to the default font. Sorry about that.


Thanks for the reporting. I just reproduced it on my laptop. We will release a minor update to have it fixed soon.


We newly released V2.803 to have this bug fixed.

  1. Excellent, thanks Xavier!

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