I am trying to open a file that contained 40 pages of mockups, the file opens empty displaying only one empty page. File size still appears as 970K.

I am running ForeUI 2.20 for Mac.

Is it a known issue?

I checked some other older files- same issue.

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Hi Natasha, we need more information about this issue. Could you send your plot file to ? So that we can check this issue, thanks.


Having a similar problem, on Max OSX 10.6.8, ForeUI 2.807 (already with 2.805):

Existing file with file with approx. 30 pages does not open anymore.

Also LOAD PLOT does not work.

Also opening “Recent File” does not work, even though it displays in the preview.

Renaming the file in the Finder does not help.

But when duplicating the file with the Finder, the duplicate works.

Any good advice?


We are having the same issue here. We are completing mockups for a 2pm review meeting and all content in the files have disappeared. You will be receiving an email from Sensitech now. Please respond as soon as possible. We just installed the latest update yesterday and have had problems since. This is business critical.


Hi Peggy Johnson,

I have replied the email from Sensitech. Unfortunately the plot file you sent me is an empty plot, just like a newly created plot. We could not fix your plot file since there is no real data inside. Currently I think the best bet is to check if there is a “FoodWatch_FinalMockUps_autosave.4ui” file in your disk, it is an auto saved backup of your file (the auto saving option is turned on by default), and maybe it can restore some of the data.

Sorry for not being more helpful.


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