1. Create “Page 1”

2. Create “Page 2” and let it use “Page 1” as master.

Add a script for Page 1 telling it to jump to Page 2 on “Page Loaded”.

Now run the simulation. It jumps to page 2, but the name in the status bar of the browser is “Page 1/2”. It should be “Page 2/2”.

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Oh, that’s really a bug. What’s more, I found that the page1 and page2 become the same in this case (I swith page with PageUp and PageDown). We will investigate it, thanks for the reporting.


Ok, bug understood, actually it has nothing to do with master page, it is a bug for the Page Loaded event handler.

it is reported as Bug_0118 and will be fixed in next version.


Bug_0118 is fixed in V1.85


I’ll add that the Status bar text in Firefox is not set.

[Edit] This is a setting in Firefox, status text changes are prevented by default.

  1. Yes, actually all browsers have such an option, but only IE set it "On" by default :-)

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