In my prototype I need a table that contains links. The cursor has to change to “pointer” on mouse over to simulate this.

Currently the entire table element changes the cursor to “pointer” on mouse over, so I can’t really simulate the link-effect.

This has led me to make the follwing workaround:

1. A “Table” page contains the table

2. A “Cover” page contains a rectangle with opacity = 0, and this rectangle prevents the cursor from changing to “pointer”.

3. A “Content” page contains labels with underlined font. Each label has some actions that change the cursor to “pointer” on mouse over.

All this has led me to find the following bug:

The columns in the table on the “Table” page gets wider in simulation, and that makes it hard to align the text on the “Content” page.

However, the best solution would be if I could do it the right way by embedding labels in a table and make the labels work as links. I’ve tried to embed labels inside a table and add actions to make the cursor change on mouse over, but the actions seem to be “eaten” by the table element and they are ignored.

Could you please remove the cursor-change on mouse over for the table element? Why is it there in the first place?

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Hi Ulrich, can you show me a screen shot with the table element in editing status? I want to see the specified column widths of your table.

As for the “pointer” cursor for table (and for list, tree, menu, menu bar etc), it is to imply that the items inside can be selected. In the future, we may allow users to choose the cursor for these elements.


Table-cursor: To begin with maybe you could add the ability to enable/disable the cursor change in the properties bar. Please… 🙂

I inserted a screenshot from edit mode:

It seems that in edit-mode the column width are the same as in simulation. So the problem is in non-edit mode in ForeUI.


We have fixed Bug_0275 in V2.65 and now the column width is more accurate.


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