Images are not (always) positioned correctly (as in the same as in ForeUI) in the simulation. See this movie:…

I can work around by it just moving it around until it looks good in the simulation, but it’s annoying.

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Hi Remco, it may be a bug, we need more information to investigate the problem. Can you send your plot file to Thanks.


Hi Xavier, I just sent the file to you as requested.


Thanks for the file. Just checked it on my laptop, it seems a bug from the Calendar element. The height of Calendar header is significantly reduced in simulation, that cause an offset to all grids in calendar…

We will fix this bug once we come back.


Thanks Xavier for your prompt reply. One of the things you guys are doing really well is responding to customer feedback quickly and adequately. Big thumbs up for you guys.


This bug was reported as Bug_0148 and fixed in V2.12


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