I’m using the tree-widget in a prototype.

There are several rendering issues / differences in IE and FF.

In IE, the tree- (area)width is interpreted correctly (the selection is not cut off on one side), but the rendering of the font is different compared to other widgets. In other widgets, the font is anti-aliased, IE displays the widget without anti-aliasing.

In Firefox, the selection in the tree is cut off on the right side (the tree is 196 px wide) and the root handle triangle at the root node of the tree is oddly scaled.

The text in the tree behaves like the other text-based widgets do.

I’m in the process of creating a hi-fi prototype and I won’t be able to control in which browsers the stakeholders are going to open the prototype, so stuff like that worries me a bit…

Is this a known issue?

Thanks and best regards,


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Hi Jens,

Could you show us one or two screenshot for that?


Hi ViVi,

sure, please find them attached. I have set up a very basic sketch to show you what I mean – there are two screenshots – one for FF, the other for IE.




Thanks for the screenshot. It seems only happen in Windows 7 UI theme.

Since all UI themes (and their renderings) will be recreated in V3.0. We may not fix minor bug related to UI theme (unless it is very easy to fix). Let’s see if the problem still exist in V3.0.

IMHO, these minor details do not mater, even in high fidelity prototype.


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